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Promition Infotech has in-depth knowledge in technical service provision therefore is solid enough to providing you with software bases that are effective and profit creators.Our core objective is to facilitate business operations with high quality IT services. To do this, we work with the best and highly trained staff that enables you to find the best IT solution for your company.


Offering world class consulting and software development services


Promition Infotech, is a top-notch company in creation of up to standard websites. We are your ultimate assistance when it comes to building unique and complimentary sites for your enterprises.

In designing, we use modern tools and together with great creativity from our specialists, we come up with sites with excellent interfaces, easy to use and those that meet your requirements. In the long run, we aim at enabling you to manage your customers, inventory and any other data seamlessly.


Promition Infotech Mobile App Development Services offer expansion and enhancement of your company’s end to end mobility solutions. We design mobile platforms for any company; small scale or large scale. Also, whether it is custom or native, iOS or Android, we build quality and modern mobile apps keeping in mind that an efficient mobile strategy requires a more than just a mobile friendly website but also, one that is efficient at its functionality.

The use of mobile phones in companies’ operations, has become common as they are easy to use and increase direct engagement with customers. We at Promition understand how essential that is, and it is our delight to create mobile application suitable for your firms functioning.


How a company stores its information is usually very vital because any major loss or damage would be catastrophic. However, at this age, physical accidents to systems’ hardware should not be a threat to data.

Promitions Infotech has high qualified technology to provide you with data-protection that ensures your data is out of reach from any physical threats. We develop cloud enabled applications but with the knowledge of the needs of your business operations and most current state of the cloud environment


Enterprise Resource Planning and Customer Resource Management are two functions of a business with different goals but work best when integrated. We at Promitions have the best facilities in the market to enable our customers access a software that has both ERP and CRM to work separately to fulfill their objectives but also jointly to fulfill the organization’s goals.

The ERP is mainly focused in dealing with coordination and management of the company’s data and its flow therefore facilitating the companies operation. On the hand CRM, handles the customer’s data with the aim of improving the customer experience and their interaction with the organization. We are able to facilitate the two components maximum potential by creating you the most efficient software to enable maximum utilization of their functions.

Nevertheless, we offer technical expertise consultancy as far as both applications are concerned which ensures you are also on board as we create the best application for your business needs.


For any software to function at its full capabilities its initial design is usually not enough, instead, it can just be termed as a ‘prototype.’ Once we at Promition have built software for you, we still extend our services to you in its maintenance. Our high valued software maintenance processes include coding, managing the design, testing and debugging all in consideration to the changing environment.

In our software management in aim at ensuring:

The software is of solid strategies to meeting the business current and future needs

You are breeding the right systems in terms of its usability, implementation and design also with minimum risks.

Integration of the existing strategies and other tools to synchronizing both sides processes which leads to maximized value addition

You are making the most out of the systems investments


As part of maintenance, our qualified expertise also offers software testing which involves use of high-tech tools to administering the software’s functionality, usability and consistency. In addition, in terms of the model of your software, we offer either manual or automotive testing all which we are skilled at. In general we offer the most appropriate method to testing your software but having brought on board you on board too.

With manual testing, Promition Infotech takes full responsibility of your testing cycle in order to improve and stabilize your software application however at minimal costs. On the other hand, we provide unmatched software automation tools that conduct testing in time and accurately.


Like a guarantee, Promitions also facilitates development of our clients’ softwares. This is done by ensuring there is integration of the application software operations to its entire functioning life cycle. We ensure maximization of your software operations from its creation to production processes.


If you are in a tight budget but still require quality software development services, then look no further. At Promition, we provide our clients with impeccable software development resources at an affordable rate, appropriately placed at the market prices.